Saturday, November 1, 2008

Aamir Khan's GHAJINI - First Look Teaser Released !

Okey.. I'm not anticipating much on Aamir Khan's GHAJINI, as most of us had seen the Tamil version (one of Surya's best performance with good music by HJ) and this is a definite remake of the Tamil movie. Initially I'm kinda disappointed with Aamir's decision to remake this movie, as he had been constantly coming up with new stories since Lagaan days. Secondly, I'm suprised that ARR is casted to score the music for this movie.. don't get me wrong here.. but the thing is HJ had done a good job for the Tamil version & since ARR is involved, lots of speculations arised from the moviegoers in music forums (my favorite : speculating whether ARR is capable to provide a better score than HJ. To me that kind of comparison is freaking BS! I personally can't stand if anyone compares ARR with HJ, ARR had proven his mettle of composing variety of music (world music I must say) & HJ is only capable of composing music within his boundaries (same repeated tunes), with limited experiments.

Alrite, I'm not gonna waste my time debating about HJ's capabilities. I'll get straight to the point.

The reason I'm blogging today bout the movie's first look teaser, as I've managed to view it from YouTube yesterday nite. Well I just watched it for the sake of it, to see whether Aamir's involvement in this movie makes a difference compared to the Tamil version... AND IT DID ! Well there nothing much on the teaser (only around 2 mins), but few things captured my attention:

1 - Aamir's built up body for this movie, he looks good with those muscles & six packs
2 - The camerawork & lighting, has international feel in it
3 - ARR's awesome BGM piece (simple, but mesmerizing - in the serious scenes)
4 - Asin looks pretty finally (good makeup work.. hehe)

The best part of all, the spectacular split seconds scene ---> where the bad guy steps on Aamir's face with his boots & Aamir rolls back with pain (the scene he tried to save Asin)... and I must say, it looked really real ! I just don't know how they did that scene. It looked really gruesome, and I immediately changed my mind about Aamir's involvement after watching that few secs clip. I then realized that the Hindi version will be even better than the Tamil version (with amendments made to the script as per Aamir's request, including some changes in the climax scene - I got this info from media).

I can't write more as the main trailer is not released yet.. So lets wait for the main trailer, and I'll write a complete review of it.


Well.. I'm also coming up with another review (maybe next week) on the 'Physchomantra' (local artist) video song clip which will be released to the media anytime soon, directed by Rajkumar & Denesh (Malaysia's upcoming directors). I've seen the final touch yesterday as my sister is involved in this project as the Production Manager. I actually thought of writing it today.. but kinda tired lah, not enough sleep :-)

So keep waiting for my updates posts anytime soon.. chiao !