Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hello everyone :-)

Hey guys & gals,

Welcome to my blog ! Finally I've created my own blog after a long time.. Well lets begin with introducing myself..

I'm Ruben from Kajang, Selangor and I'm now 28 yrs old. I came from a small family (dad, mum and younger sis, Hanusha - she has her own blog : I'm already married and gonna have a baby very soon :-)

I'm attached to CSC since 2003, and recently being promoted as 'Analytics Specialist' handling major Asia Pacific Service Desk accounts. My wife, Mahlini is a teacher in the Sri KDU primary school in Damansara. We fell in love during our college days in Informatics Kajang, and we got married on January 2008. She's expecting now, and we're eagerly awaiting for our new member to be part of our blessed lives..

Well, it getting late now & kinda sleepy.. Will post more bout myself soon & will keep blogging more in future..

take care.. chiao !


HANUSHA said...

hehe.. not bad for a first time.. i'll teach u more on blogging.. :p..keke.. bubye

rujjcoomarh said...

welcome to the blogging world !